The walking trail is 0.8 miles of decomposed granite.  It is easier on the joints of runners and walkers than cement.  Some parts of the trail tend to washout with heavy rains.  We may need to add concrete to those areas while keeping the rest granite.

The trail is lined with light posts that automatically turn on at dusk and benches to rest.  Pet parents are welcome to bring pets, leash and doo doo bags.  Use garbage carts to dispose of retrieved feces.

The restrooms remain open 24/7 year-round.  Our intention is to keep them open for your use.  Please leave the restrooms as clean as or better than found.  If they need attention, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

If you use the trail and would like to contribute to it’s upkeep by volunteering or donation, use the Contact Us page.  Thank you.