John VanCamp

Frozen Dance by John VanCamp

Although John was not a sculptor in the 1976 International Sculpture Symposium , he lived in Liberty Hill at that time. As the sculptors began their journeys back home, John found himself extremely curious and interested in their art. He finally shared his interest with Sculptor Nadia Escabito. His interest was immediately welcomed with open arms. But John confessed his lack of training, his lack of art education, his background in science, not art. The sculptor dismissed all his lack of formal training by telling him that the creativity came from inside the artist. Escabito laughed and told John to quit listening to artists and start sculpting. He told me to ‘carve you something. If you don’t like it, throw it out the back door, then, carve another,’ John recalls from his one and only sculpture lesson.

John VanCamp began work on “Frozen Dance” in 2002, finished it in 2004 and was awarded a jury show in Waco where it remained on view for a year. Next, it spent two years on display in San Antonio representing some of Texas’ finest stone sculptures. Finally, it finished its final year on display in Marble Falls where thousands of people were able to see it before he gifted it to the people of Liberty Hill in 2013. Frozen Dance is carved from Indiana limestone.